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Michelle-Marie Heinemann
Philanthropist | Painter


A Day in the Life of Michelle-Marie Heinemann | A Philadelphia Story


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A Day in the Life of Michelle-Marie Heinemann 
 A Philadelphia Story

Michelle-Marie Heinemann and Hudson Cornelius Heinemann


A Day in the Life of Michelle-Marie Heinemann
April 16, 2014

Recently my family…..along with some friends and my Mother-in-law visited Philadelphia for an extended weekend. My son is a huge boxing fan and wanted to
run up “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Hudson Cornelius Heinemann & Justin Zullin making their way to the top of
 ”Rocky Steps.”

Continuing up Rocky Steps…..

Hudson Cornelius Heinemann & Justin Zullin

The image of Rocky Balboa running up his now eponymous steps is definitely iconic
in cinematic history. The films sequels, “Rocky 2 ” “Rocky 3 ” and “Rocky Balboa,” utilized the same location.

Hyacinth Cornelia Heinemann…..soooo adorable!!!

Making the trip up the steps, which lead up the East entrance of the Museum,
is regarded in Rocky’s honor as a symbol of perseverance and determination.
Once you reach the top, your reward is gratifying: a breathtaking view of the scenic Center City skyline.

Hyacinth Cornelia Heinemann, Hudson Cornelius Heinemann & Justin Zullin

My son, Hudson, and his friend Justin ran up several times….oh…to be young again!!

The Philadelphia Museum of Art….. 

We then visited The Rocky Statue, one of Philadelphia’s most famous pieces of public art of the bigger-than-life boxer. The statue is located at the bottom of the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Heinemann Family & The Zullin Family in Philadelphia 

 Hudson Cornelius Heinemann & Justin Zullin

Michelle-Marie Heinemann & Carol Heinemann

Stopping for a little snack….
Hyacinth Cornelia Heinemann, Madeline Zullin, Justin Zullin,
Hudson Cornelius Heinemann

We had so much fun discovering Philly and the attractions were wonderful to visit.
We loved the following:

1. Independence Hall….They risked everything – “their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor.” During the blistering summer of 1776, 56 courageous men gathered at the Pennsylvania State House and defied the King of England. Eleven years later, representatives from 12 states gathered to shape the U.S. Constitution, finally creating one unified nation.

Rocky is everywhere!

2. Carpenters Hall….Meeting place of the first Continental Congress.

3. National Constitution Center….The world’s only museum dedicated to the U.S. Constitution. The 160,000 – square foot Center explores and explains this amazing document through high tech exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays. In the star shaped Kimmel Theatre, powerful music, a live actor and 360 degrees multi-media images tell the story of We the People.

4. The Betsy Ross House….The birthplace of the American Flag.

5. The Liberty Bell….an iconic symbol of American Independence. Located at The Liberty Bell Center. The bell weighs 2000 pounds and is made of 70% copper, 25% tin, and small amounts of lead, zinc, arsenic, gold & silver.

The Liberty Bell….

Our beautiful purple velvet carriage….

Towards the end of our visit, as we were driven in a horse drawn carriage,
we stopped by Lore’s chocolates…our driver insisted saying the chocolates were
the best in the world. It was great fun visiting the shop and the butter creams and
non-pariels were delicious. 

Lore’s Chocolates….

 We had such a fabulous time in Philly…a very sweet ending to a very sweet city!

Until Next Time…….xoxo….Michelle-Marie Heinemann