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Michelle-Marie Heinemann
Philanthropist | Painter


Wheels Up! | A Day In The Life Of Michelle-Marie

Flying to Palm Beach on Wheels Up!

A Day in the Life of Michelle-Marie Heinemann
October 11, 2014

My Family and I recently joined Wheels Up, which is a membership-based private aviation company. Wheels Up charges one-time membership fee of $15,750.00 for individuals and annual dues of $7,250.00 which start in the 2nd year.

Members fly on the company’s two primary aircraft for a set hourly fee: $3,950.00 for a Beechcraft King Air 3501s and $6,950.00 per hour in the Cessna Citation Excel Jets.

I love this concept as it is straight forward with guaranteed occupied hourly pricing on a pay as you fly basis and there are no fuel fees or costs associated with repositioning aircraft. There are additional perks as well with lifestyle events and a partnership benefits program.

Wheels up was created and is led by Kenny Dichter, the Founder of Marquis Jet and the innovator of the first 25-hour fractional jet card.

I am thrilled with the service as the pilots are extraordinary and the personal service and attention is unlike any I have ever experienced. Wheels Up is truly dedicated to providing each member with an exceptional flight!


By Michelle-Marie Heinemann